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6 Squadron completes a large number of activities throughout the year. All activities are planned by NZCF trained staff, and include a significant focus on managing the risk, while ensuring that the cadets are able to have a complete experience for the activity.

Activites may be courses provided and run by the NZCF, or unit based activities, which are provided and run by the unit staff.


A calendar is provided with the forecast dates of any upcoming events.


Unit Activities

Activities run by the unit staff, which predominantly involve only the cadets from 6 Squadron, these are the prime type of activity that the unit offers, and includes tramps, camps, team building, and much more.

NZCF Courses

Courses are 7-10 day activities run during the school holidays for cadets from all over New Zealand. Courses are provided by the NZCF and cover Leadership, Avitation and Bushcraft.

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